Utah Pump-N-Run Alum Nicholas Paulos Rising to the Occasion at UNC-Greensboro

Nicholas Paulos
Height: 6’7.5”
Graduation Year: 2010
High School: Olympus
College: University of North Carolina Greensboro

Utah Pump-N-Run alum, and University of North Carolina (UNC) Greensboro sophomore, Nicholas Paulos, has already earned a spot in his team’s record books after sinking 10 3-pointers in a single game against rival Chattanooga. His performance not only topped Kevin Oleksiak’s 2005 record of nine 3-point shots in a single game, it won over rival fans at Chattanooga, with the entire arena erupting in cheers as each 3-point shot sunk.

Nicholas comes from a line of talented athletes: his father, Bill Paulos, was a member of the Westminster College basketball team, and his maternal grandfather, Delmar Schick, was a running back and centerfielder for the University of Utah. Nicholas’ athletic roots did not, however, automatically ensure his success in basketball. Nicholas has been fully dedicated to the game since early childhood, and has carved his path in basketball with a lot of hard work and determination. “Nicholas was never the best player growing up,” notes Bill Paulos. “He was little and skinny, but he persevered, kept battling and outworked everyone.”

“Nicholas grew into his body during his time with Utah Pump-N-Run,” said Todd Phillips, Nicholas’ Utah Pump-N-Run coach. “He found success against smaller wings throughout the spring/summer circuit season. He was always a very lean kid, but a fantastic shooter with unlimited range.” His three seasons competing alongside some of the state’s best athletes in the Utah Pump-N-Run program helped Nicholas develop his skills and prepare to compete in D1 college basketball. His Utah Pump-N-Run RED Elite team was stacked with D1 talent, including Ben Clifford (Utah State), Kyle Collinsworth (BYU), and Neal Monson (University of Utah). Nicholas says, “My three years playing for Utah Pump-N-Run really expanded my game and exposed me to some of the toughest competition across the country.”

Receiving a scholarship to play for UNC Greensboro is the realization of a long-time dream for Nicholas. His years of hard work and determination have allowed him to excel at a high level and to move forward with his goal of playing competitive basketball. As he shifts into his junior year at UNC Greensboro, Nicholas is excited to step into his responsibilities as an upperclassman on the team. UNC Greensboro Coach Wes Miller also looks forward to watching his role on the team expand in his junior year. “Nicholas has had really good freshman and sophomore years, and his role on the team has steadily increased since he started on the team. Next year, we will lose two great players at Nicholas’ position, and we are really looking for him to become a staple in the program.”

With a goal to continue playing basketball beyond college, Nicholas has applied for dual citizenship in Greece to enable him to play professionally in Europe more easily. He has been invited to try out for the national team in Greece this summer and is looking forward to the experience.

Utah Pump-N-Run is proud to have Nicholas as an alum of the program, and wherever basketball takes him, Utah-Pump-N-Run will be watching and rooting for him along the way.

Check out video of Nicholas’ 3-point record game here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyHYH6dFlpI